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Videopark Technology Becomes Alibaba Cloud IoT Industry Eco-Friendship Partner

source:智诺科技 | time:2018.04.02. 09:40

Alibaba Group announced its full access to the Internet of Things in the 2018 Yunqi Conference Shenzhen Summit. IoT is Alibaba's fifth-largest main circuit after electricity supplier, finance, logistics, and cloud computing. It will develop 10 billion devices within five years. Videopark become Alibaba Cloud IoT industry eco partners.


Alibaba Cloud’s core values and advantages lie in solving the three issues of the Internet of Things: providing an open, inclusive IoT connectivity platform; providing powerful AI capabilities; and implementing cloud-end-one co-ordinated computing. Just as people have intelligence, they can't live without the brain, heart and neural networks. In the same way, All Things could not do without the "troika" - IoT, AI and cloud computing. IoT is like a neural network connecting data, digitizing things, but connections are not the purpose. Without brain connections are only vegetative. This requires AI capabilities. The intelligence behind is computational power. It provides constant motivation like the heart.


Currently, Alibaba Cloud supports 95% communication protocols such as 2/3/4G, LoRa, NB-IoT, and eMTC. Developers can quickly access the Alibaba Cloud IoT management platform and lower the access threshold. Alibaba Cloud's artificial intelligence technology enabled entity economy can provide IoT developers with AI capabilities such as video recognition, natural language understanding, voiceprint recognition, and face recognition, and calculates service and AI capabilities across multiple dimensions in the cloud, edge, and end. Including the Internet of Things operating system AliOS Things, IoT edge computing products, general purpose Internet of things platform, to achieve real-time decision-making and autonomous collaboration, has completed the core technology layout of the city, living, manufacturing, automotive four major areas of the Internet, The “1234”layout of 1 cloud,2 ends, 3 types of partners and 4 major areas.


Videopark is a leading provider of intelligent IoT products and industry solutions service providers focusing on video. The company provides a series of video intelligent products including face recognition, license plate recognition and behavior identification, and IP intelligent video platform software for domestic and foreign markets. End-to-end intelligent video surveillance system solutions, the company's products are widely used in banking, electricity, intelligent transportation, public security, smart cities, justice, chain stores and other fields, is the world's video-based smart IoT products and industry platform solutions One of the most important providers.

Videopark's core technology team is mainly composed of doctors from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a doctoral candidate from Japan. The leader of the company has served as the core of research and development of companies such as IBM and SONY, and has the world's top experts in intelligent analysis algorithms. Videopark is committed to providing intelligent algorithm research and development, including face intelligence analysis algorithm, behavioral intelligence analysis algorithm, license plate intelligent analysis algorithm, perimeter intelligence analysis algorithm, video image quality diagnosis intelligent algorithm, etc. Currently, the products sold include five series and more than 300 varieties. , Videopark joined Alibaba Cloud IoT industry eco partners, can rely on Alibaba Cloud IoT enabled platform, deployed on the device side and edge of the AliOS Things IoT operating system and IoT edge computing product Link Edge.We can deepen cooperation in the core four areas Internet of Things: urban, automotive, lifestyle, and manufacturing.